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Concerts On Your Couch

During this time of social distancing musicians are taking to social media to entertain us. Here at Y102 we are proud to present the Cornhusker Country At Home Concert Series. Shows will be at 7pm each night on our Y102 Facebook page. Dylan Bloom on April 24th and Jeff Bower of the Emmett Bower Band…read more »


Must See TV This Week!

Over the next week you can find a lot of premieres and tributes happening in the world of country music on your television screens. Starting April 6th, AXS TV salutes Kenny Rogers by airing two of his concerts.  From 1989, “Kenny, Dolly, and Willie: Something Inside So Strong” and the 1985 special “Kenny and Dolly:…read more »


Let’s Go To The Zoo!

Zoos across the country are closed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  But, the employees are still there taking care of the animals and many of them are providing us with incredible entertainment and educational materials. Close to home the Lincoln Children’s Zoo they have a daily Keeper’s Corner on their Facebook Page.  …read more »

Board game figures and dice

Game Night (Or Day)!!!!

I love playing a good game!  Now that there is more time at home we have dug out some of my favorites as well as played some new ones. Here are some of the ones I recommend for you to try for your family. Five Second Rule – You’ve seen this game played on Ellen,…read more »

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