Memories In The Kitchen

Many memories of my childhood include time spent with my Grandma in her kitchen.  Whether she was baking delicious goodies or preparing meals for her large family she would sing out loud as she poured love into every recipe.  The lyrics still resonate with me today as I think about her giant smile as she created these stomach and heart filling dishes for her loved ones.

She would share with neighbors, people would get to community bake sales early to get her items,  and you never left her home hungry. I grew up with Grandma a block from my house and I spent a lot of time with her and my Grandpa.  I miss them both every day.

Now I try to honor Grandma’s memory by trying to raise my family as she did and remaining close with the rest of the extended family.  I also try to share her recipes with my family to pass on the traditions.

Do you have some of those memories or some of those recipes?  Maybe you have a dish that is your favorite that you make for your family?  We are asking you to share those recipes with us at as we create our first ever “Y102 Country Cookbook” with the help of our Y102 family.  I have submitted recipes from our home and I am excited to see yours as well.

Always remember to add that dash of love to your next recipe, it will make whatever you are cooking be remembered forever.