Keepin’ It Chill

Keepin’ It Chill

Earlier this week I noticed a coworker put their Rice Krispies bar into the refrigerator… instantly, my brain said “Ooooo, guurrrrrllll! I bet that’s SO good.”

Imagine it – the cool, chewy texture. Slightly more solid, yet satisfyingly smooth to bite through. The sweetness that carries through your mouth as the treat warms up.

BRB. I need a minute.

Now I’m wondering, what snacks are better cold? There’s a whole world of culinary creations craving this cool conversation.

Let’s run a few down that I know of:


Everyone knows Thin Mints are far superior when frozen and the perfectly under-cooked, homemade chocolate chip cookie is bomb dot com straight from the freezer.


Only some, though. Pizza, pad thai, pasta, meatloaf, fried chicken, and basically anything from a Thanksgiving meal – from the container to your face, with the fridge door open.


In my opinion, almost all fruit is better chilled, but grapes and mango are THE BEST when frozen.


Now, hear me out. Yes, they are certainly delicious crisp and hot from the toaster, but have you tried a thoroughly chilled one? ErMuhGerrd.


This one is pretty much a ‘duh’… but still. Reese’s, M&Ms, Twix, Snickers, try ‘em all from the freezer!


Birthday cake, indulgent chocolate cake, what have you, throw that beast into the fridge, and enjoy happiness chilled.

Cool Ranch Doritos!

I know, another weird one. But ‘cool’ is literally in the name! Try it. Let me know.


I mean, remember GoGurt?! An easy, less messy, and somewhat better for you snack that’s a summer staple.

Do you have any foods you’ve found that are better cold?

Keep it chill and take care of each other, dear hearts!