My Birthday Wish(es)

My Birthday Wish(es)

Man. I love birthdays.

It’s a celebration of your time, of your existence, and of your experience.

For me, it’s a day where I feel special. For all the days we’re our harshest critic, get lost in the swirling, chaotic day-to-day living, and find things mundane and ordinary… a birthday brings things back to extraordinary.

I’m turning 34 on Saturday – I don’t mind the numbers going up – as my grandpa Bob used to say: “The more birthdays you have, the longer you live.”

So, I’m gonna enjoy each and every one.

And I’m going to make a few wishes this year, too.

I wish for the confidence and determination to delve further into my career and maybe start something new – a podcast, read an audiobook, or who knows!

I wish to find trust in my own judgement and learn from what my mind, body, and soul are trying to tell me.

I wish for the ability to remember and see all the small things that people I care about bring to my life… and to share it with them.

I wish for more time and moments with my family.

I wish to spread more joy throughout my days and connect with those around me better.

And I wish for more birthdays, too.

I wish all of you a spectacular weekend and more smiles than not, dear hearts. Take care of each other and know I am grateful for you.

Happy Birthday!