Egg-cellent Knowledge to Share

Egg-cellent Knowledge to Share

Delicious. Cool. Pretty. Debatably nutritious.

No, I’m not talking about the green M&M, ya weirdo.

Deviled eggs, son!

They’re intrinsically Spring/Summer food – family reunions, potlucks, outdoor cook-outs… in my mind all I see is a red and white gingham cloth covered with beautiful platters of deviled eggs!

They sure can be a demon to make, though. (see what I did there?)

Recently I came across an amazing tidbit that has truly cut back on time and effort in creating those tasty morsels!

It’s not about finding the right aged egg, salting or not salting the water, a prolonged ice bath, or even trying to shake the eggs in a jar.

It’s all about steaming your eggs.

Yup! Instead of boiling those ovoid mini chickens, steam ‘em.

If you have a steamer, great, if not, just look for something that you can place over an inch or two of water in a pot that will allow steam to get to the eggs.

Here’s a link to an article with a written guide as well as a video:

Peeling the eggs after they’ve been steamed is crazy-easy.

No yolking! (you knew it was coming)

Get to cookin’, dear hearts, and find some fun!