Things We Have a Lot of – Time and Creativity

Things We Have a Lot of – Time and Creativity

A normal blog might say “especially if you have kids” but by now you know well enough this is not that kind of blog, sweet pea.

I totally plan on doing this myself, maybe I’ll let my husband join in… we’ll see.

Constructing a sturdy, enjoyable, and awesome pillow fort can be a challenge.

It can be done! I believe in you!

And for a little help, IKEA has released 6 blueprints you can follow to create your own masterpiece.

There’s the Fortress – you’ll need a sofa, two sheets, ten clothespins, a blanket, and three pillows

fortress of solitude – get it?

The House – a table, two sheets, ten clothespins, eight books, a lantern, and an overly large stuffed animal

The Castle – four chairs, a coatrack, two sheets, sixteen clothespins, a string of lights, a rug, and three pillows

The Wigwam – one coatrack/lampstand/weird IKEA thing, two sheets, eight books, one rope, two strings of lights, three pillows, and ten of those large-mouth paperclip things

The Cave – one armchair, one sheet, eight books, a string of lights, tape, and three pillows

The Campingtent (their spelling, not mine) – one mobile clothes rack, two sheets, eight books, ten clothespins, a sturdy mobile, and a string of lights

Here’s a link with the actual pictures and fun IKEA names you can try to pronounce:

Have fun, take pictures, and enjoy your new digs, dear hearts!