May Day Baskets – Quarantine Edition

May Day Baskets – Quarantine Edition


Remember being young and dropping off little baskets (I remember them being cups filled with snacks), ringing the doorbell, and running away as fast as you could – or the joy that came when you went to answer your front door and found a surprise waiting? (A May Day basket is always preferable to a bag o’ poo)



With the world still feeling crazy, uncertain, and a little down, what a wonderful time to spread some smiles with Quarantine Edition May Day baskets!



I tried to do some thinking on things that would be A) Safe to share with others B) Easily accessible without leaving your home C) Fun and thoughtful surprises to share.


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Here’s what I came up with:

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

It’s hard to come by in the store and very needed – check around your house to see if you might have the stuff to create a batch to share with neighbors! Spare travel-size bottles from hotel stays could be cleaned up and used as containers. Here’s a recipe from the World Health Organization (WHO) website:



Gift Certificates

Whether you have some unused ones from holidays passed, want to purchase some from local small businesses, or take advantage of and print off the Half-Off Deals from our website, everyone loves a gift certificate.



Homemade Bird Feeder

After watching the entirety of your streaming library, having live entertainment from your window is a beautiful thing. Before the pandemic, my friend and I made simple ones using twine, ice cream cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Here’s a link for a How-To:


Mask Supplies

Spare fabric, coffee filters or shop towels, elastic or extra hair ties, yarn and buttons – whatever bits you can gather and a quick note either printed off or written down with instructions is a great way to keep people busy and safe! Here’s a link to a list of many No-Sew options:




Perhaps you’re a gardener who has seed packets or seedlings started, maybe you’re repotting your houseplants and can take cuttings or separate new growth. Every home should have some plants!



Poem or Drawing

It could be funny or sweet or anything from your brain. Receiving something creative lets a person know they are thought of and appreciated.



If you happen to make a Quarantine May Day basket, I’d love to see it! Feel free to email me at

Find some fun, stay healthy, and remember how important you are, dear hearts.