But Why Flowers And Chocolate?

This is the week of Valentine’s Day. Have you gotten your gifts yet?

When trying to plan things this year I decided to try and find out why people give what they do.

Do you go with the standard bouquet of flowers?  Did you know that the rose is supposed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love ?  Because of that people began giving them to those they cared bout.  It began all the way back in the 17th Century.

Do you remember making the valentine box to collect your treasures at school each year?  In 1415 Charles the Duke of Orleans wrote a poem for his wife on Valentine’s Day.  In the 16th century cards had become so common on Valentine’s day that several religious leaders began to preach against them.  But now it is one of the most popular ways to show you care with 600 million cards exchanged each year.

Do you focus on the sweet tooth for the big day?  I love a heart full of chocolate!  I guess I can thank the Spanish explorers who brought home chocolate in the 17th century.  Soon enough chocolate became the candy of choice for the affectionate holiday.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day tradition?  I have already made a new playlist for my husband with a song for each year we’ve known each other.  I can’t tell you my other plans(yet),  it is a surprise!

Whether you are celebrating with friends, family, or the love of your life I wish you a day filled with surprises, happiness, and of course LOVE!

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