The Highwaymen and the Highwomen Both Doing Things Their Own Way

Back in 1985 four of the biggest names in country music came together to form a group called The Highwaymen.  They performed together for ten years and the members included Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. They scored a number one hit in 1985 with “Highwayman”. Besides recording music they also worked together to voice audio books and star in a movie.

Fast forward to 2019, 34 years later; and you meet the Highwomen.  Four female stars who have joined together to release their first self titled album last week. Made up of Maren Morris, Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby, they kicked off the project with the release of their single “Redesigning Women”.

Even those all these women were already very busy and very successful in the industry, the idea of forming the group in response to the 1980s outlaw country supergroup The Highwaymen, who did things their own way, seemed too perfect to pass up.

Shires came up with the idea of an all girl group back in 2016. Their goals not only include writing and performing great music with a message, but they also strive to help other females in country music.

After reviewing the album, I would label it as a work of art.  Including the reworking of “Highwayman” to “Highwomen”.  Each one of the singers has songrwriting credit on the album.  I am excited to see where the group goes from here.  I am hoping the World Tour is what will be next, and I will be buying a front row seat!  Highwomen has found a fan in me.




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