The Three R’s

The Three R’s


I’m sure we can all recite them together…




It is kind of crazy to think about all the plastic we encounter every day. I mean, right now, I’m staring at my plastic keyboard, the plastic mouse, plastic computer monitor, plastic scissors, and all my writing utensils that are made of plastic. Oh man, even my glasses are made of plastic.



It. Is. Everywhere.

Did you know that the average American throws away 185 pounds of plastic a year? Or, that every year, humans toss enough plastic out that it would circle the Earth four times?






Change is difficult. We are all busy. We are all stressed. But, if we all did one small change each month, it will add up to so much.


I have started making small changes in my daily choices and it really has been simple. It’s just being mindful of your consumption and habits. I found this site that has Earth-friendly products, from skin care to cleaning supplies to stuff for the kids – AND you can search for your local school and a portion of your purchase will go to support that school. How. Cool. Is. That. I’m not endorsing the site or their offerings, just sharing this is how I’ve been making mindful choices and helping out my old elementary school at the same time:

Start simple!

Keep a reusable shopping bag in your car to take in whenever you need to stop at a store. I usually toss mine in the car door so I see it before I head inside.


Take your own thermos to the gas station or coffee shop. You could save a little money and make a positive change for the planet!



Stop buying bottled water. Refill those bottles and store them in your fridge, or carry a refillable bottle with you! There are tons of collapsible and cool-looking designs out there.


you’ll get the hang of it


Look for packaging made of cardboard rather than plastic bottles or bags. It’s biodegradable and recyclable!



Say no to straws. At the restaurant, the bar, even at home! There are some really neat versions of straws you can carry on your person to use while out and about, and steel versions for home use!



Use matches. Those little lighters will sit in a landfill for years.



Food storage – you can bring your own containers for leftovers when headed out to your favorite spot, you can switch your home from plastic storage to glass, metal, or other materials – all which are safer to microwave than having plastic chemicals leech into your food.



Keep your own flatware handy! I’ve got a set I keep at work so I don’t need to use a plastic fork for that coworker’s birthday cake.


This turtle had a plastic fork stuck in his nose.

Change your poop bags! I believe that’s the weirdest sentence I’ve typed in a while… but yes! Try using a biodegradable, vegetable-based poop bag for when you go on walks with your pup.



With our powers combined…



Every day is Earth Day.

Thanks for your time, friends. Take care of each other and enjoy the day!