Hard Eye-Roll Action

Hard Eye-Roll Action


Okay. I’m just gonna put this out there… if people jump out of a moving car to keep up with Kiki (aka the “In My Feelings Challenge”), isn’t it a truth that music is a social influencer?



*That example was mostly for entertainment purposes, don’t @ me.*


So, let me tell you about this new song I came across which made my brain and patience ache. It’s called “Eastwood” by Steven Lee Olsen. Catchy beat – sure. A hook that will, well, hook you – yeah. Obligatory callback to being a man’s man – check.


Here’s the premise: Guy is at a bar, woman walks into same bar, guy wants to strut his stuff and peacock because woman catches his fancy, guy claims he’s the best and will “rescue” woman from all other suitors in the bar.




Let’s go ahead and remind ourselves of some common decency, or even, heaven forbid, think of the woman’s perspective.

People go to bars for many different reasons: meet with friends, celebrate something, relax, maybe catch a date, a job opportunity, just because, etc.

More questions to consider before “rescuing” a woman at the bar:

  • Is this person meeting with others?
  • Does this person seem to invite unsolicited company?
  • Is this person single?
  • Is this person even interested in your gender?
  • Are there other/more interesting people in the bar, which could be a better fit for this person?
  • During interaction with this person, do they seem uncomfortable or standoffish?
  • Has this person said “no” to you or otherwise negated continued conversation?


If you haven’t gathered, I am truly over the kind of narrative that portrays women as prizes to be won, bystanders in their own life choices, and damsels in need of rescuing.


From what I was saying at the beginning of this blog, it’s important to know what influences we’re allowing in, even as simple as the music we (and the kids in our lives) listen to.

I challenge you to be cognitive in what you encounter.

I am a woman. I am a real person. I have my own life. I don’t need rescuing. I make my decisions.



Thanks for reading. I’ll put a link to the song down below if you’re interested:

Remember to take care of each other and enjoy the day, dear hearts.