It is Back 2 School

It is Back 2 School

I remember Back To School shopping when I was a kid. It was that rare mix of excitement and utter dread.

Kind of like buying your first set of ‘business professional’ attire!

Amongst the Lisa Frank folders, Yikes pencils, Disney lunch boxes, and Jansport backpacks – I never once thought about how expensive it all was (especially with the 3 of us to buy for).

![enter image description here][1]

I’ve done some looking around for ideas on how to make this time of year a little less detrimental to the bank account. Also, a BONUS! My mom would always cover our textbooks for us – with a paper bag! Perfect for doodles and stickers! That little trick will be at the end of the blog, too.

![enter image description here][2]

First up, DYI lunchbox:

What you need is –

Empty milk jug

Permanent marker


Large button

Threading needle

Embroidery floss

Elastic hairband

What you do is –

Rinse out the milk jug and peel off the label (hot water or goo gone works well).

Make the flaps by drawing four half circles, one on each side of the jug. Make one side as tall as possible to create the lid.

Cut along the lines.

Bend down all four flaps so it starts to look like a box. If it doesn’t fold properly, try making longer slits on each corner of the milk jug.

On the bottom of the milk jug, pierce a hole with the scissors. Thread the hairband halfway through, knotting the end from the inside of the container.

Optional: To personalize the container, decoupage your favorite decorative paper on the lid using Mod Podge, following the directions on the bottle.

( I wish I would have done this to have a few rad pictures of my crazy-awesome crafting skills, but alas, time ran short and I drink almond milk.)

How about up-cycling a plain backpack into a monogrammed masterpiece:

What you need is –


Patches/glitz of your choice (to monogram, first, last, & middle initial with the last name initial being the largest)

Hot glue gun

(Optional fabric paint, jewels, ribbon)

what you do is –

Layout the design for your backpack

Hot glue patches where you want them

(Optional, use fabric paint to outline each letter patch, tie ribbon onto zippers)
* For ribbon, be sure to fold the cut ends over and hot glue to keep from fraying

These next ones are pretty self explanatory, but helpful nonetheless!

Reuse your supplies already at home –

Scrub off any old marks and fix rips or tears.

If it’s still looking rough, cover with decorative duct tape, washi tape, or stickers


Erase marks, tape tears, take off permanent marker with nail polish remover

Reinforce binder holes and you’re good to go


Rip out used sheets, remove subject labels

Cover the front with decorative duct tape, washi tape, or stickers

Pencils & Pens:

Just sharpen them up and wipe them off – good to go


Take out at trash

Wash if needed – hand wash with mild soap and cool water, allow plenty of time to air dry while propped open

What you’ve all been waiting for… PAPER BAG BOOK COVERS!!!

What you need is –

Large paper bag



Booking needing to be covered

What you do is –

Cut open paper bag to lay flat

Place book on paper bag, cut 2 – 3 inch margin around book

Fold paper over the left and right sides of the covers

Close book and adjust folds if needed

Notch out the width of the book spine at the bottom and top of book cover

Fold the bottom and top flaps over and tape to side flap. MIND YOURSELF TO NOTGET TAPE ON THE BOOK ITSELF

There you are, dear ones. Save that cash for your student loans and enjoy the school year!