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Has Coffee Creamer Gone Too Far?

You all know that I LOVE my coffee! And LOVE might not even be a strong enough word. I usually drink black coffee unless there is an amazing creamer available and then I will have one cup flavored. I have gotten used to all of the different concoctions that keep appearing to try to tantalize…read more »

Sun and music

ANOTHER winter storm is here and I know everyone is looking for ways to feel warm and feel like we’re in a tropical place.  Maybe this will help, here is a playlist of songs to warm things up for you. CAUTION: Contents may be hot!   No Shoes No Shirt No Problem – Kenny Chesney…read more »

heart with headphones

A little Valentine’s Help

Do you need the right music for today?  A playlist created for your Valentine.  Here are the songs that I would put in that playlist.  Hope it helps.  Sending all my love,  Lisa Warning: This could cause romance.  Bonus: This could also be played 364 Other Days Of The Year For The Same Result. Love…read more »


I’m Cheering For The Commercials

How many times have you heard that this week?  As the big game approaches and the conversation arises about who you are cheering for, you hear people who’s team is not there or people who don’t watch football usually respond with “I’m Cheering For The Commercials”. Okay, okay, I am guilty of saying it too. …read more »

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