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heart with headphones

Vinyl is my true love!

Thomas Edison started it all back in 1877 when he discovered that sound could both be recorded and reproduced. That was the beginning of the record. From the original phonograph to the 78 rpm records to the 45 rpm and 33 rpm, the popularity of vinyl continued to grow.  It was the main way people…read more »

Lisa and Bic with Carrie underwood

I am getting free breakfast on Monday!

Each year when the awards shows roll around ScottyO and I place a breakfast wager on the winners.  The one with the least correct has to buy breakfast for the other. Now, to keep us honest, you can follow along and see how we do at the ACM’s this Sunday.  These are our picks. Entertainer…read more »


How do I get a shirt?

Have you seen the shirts all over social media?  The black ones, with the gray lettering, that have St. Jude on them? You know the ones… They say This Shirt Saves Lives… All the celebrities have them… Do you want one? This Thursday and Friday, join the movement, that tens of thousands have already joined. …read more »

Lisa and Billy Dean

Surprise! It’s Billy Dean!

I have spent more hours these last few months watching musical talent shows than I think anything else.  And this weekend, taking the time to watch American Idol; gave me the surprise of seeing one of my favorite 90s artists. Billy Dean was not there as a judge, or a special guest, he was there…read more »

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