Y102 Local News

  • Nebraska Chamber welcomes XL decision

    LINCOLN,Neb (Neb CoC)– Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Barry Kennedy on Friday welcomed the State Department’s approval of the cross-border permit needed for the advancement of the Keystone XL pipeline. Read More
  • No problems found in ballots

    LINCOLN, Neb (KGFW) – One of the headlines from the November general election and before was the worry about ballot fraud happening across the country. That is something we don't need to worry about here in Nebraska. A press release from Secretary of State John Gale's office was released on March 24th highlighting the success of the process in the election. Read More
  • Bill to attack housing shortage

    Lincoln, Neb (KGFW) - Nebraska legislature is planning to help the work force. LB518 got first round approval March 22 and is a bill that provides grant funds to communities looking to address housing shortage for the workforce. Read More
  • Measles reported in Eastern Nebraska

    Lincoln, Neb (KGFW) – The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services received a report of a confirmed measles case in eastern Nebraska. The person spent time in both Douglas and Sarpy counties. Read More
  • Legislature looking to cut road costs

    Lincoln, Neb (KGFW) - The path to better roads just got easier. Read More