Has Coffee Creamer Gone Too Far?

You all know that I LOVE my coffee! And LOVE might not even be a strong enough word.

I usually drink black coffee unless there is an amazing creamer available and then I will have one cup flavored.

I have gotten used to all of the different concoctions that keep appearing to try to tantalize my tastebuds and catch my eye with their colorful labels.

From candy bars to pumpkin to peppermint to cheesecake to cinnamon rolls to fruit to girl scout cookies.  All of these I can accept and I can try.  But this time, this time; they may have gone too far.

If you have not yet heard, for this Easter season; they are releasing PEEPS CREAMER!  You heard me, those marshmallow sugar covered candies that are either loved or hated can now be poured into your morning pick me up.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am one that loves Peeps and have even tried several of their flavors; but I don’t think I can do this one.

If you are one that is now excited to try this new flavor of creamer and are wondering how to put more Peeps in your life, Peeps cereal is now available as well.

I am just going to go home, lie down, and cuddle with my stuffed peep and just wait for it all to be over and we move into the next season of summer flavors.  What’s next, lemonade or sweet tea creamer,  Maybe sunscreen?  I’m sorry I am probably giving them ideas….


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