I’m Cheering For The Commercials

How many times have you heard that this week?  As the big game approaches and the conversation arises about who you are cheering for, you hear people who’s team is not there or people who don’t watch football usually respond with “I’m Cheering For The Commercials”.

Okay, okay, I am guilty of saying it too.  But I have more than one reason for that.  Not only I am looking forward to all the new ad campaigns and celebrity cameos and perhaps a few cute animals, I also use to work in the television advertising industry.

For most of my career I was involved in producing and shooting television commercials.  Without the insanely large budgets, crews, or actors; I spent my days coming up with new ideas for clients and trying to make them come to life on the screen.  When I watch the ads I am looking at the technical side as much as I am the creative.  I tend to be very critical.  Just like those of you who analyze every play and call on the field, I am analyzing every camera angle, script choice, and what music they put with it. It is a huge thing for me, probably even more than who wins the game.

I have been scouring the internet and watching every commercial that has already been leaked.  Alexa, Audi, Colgate, and Planters have all made me laugh, while Bumble and Microsoft tugged at my heartstrings.  Don’t forget Doritos and Olay who teased us and made us have to watch to see what happens.  Who would have thought skin care could be a horror movie, well I guess that isn’t a far stretch. I am excited to see all of these again on the big screen and see those that have yet to be released.

So, this weekend as I cheer for all the former Husker players taking the field, I am also cheering for the commercials.

Pass the chips and salsa.